Автор музыки: В.Гуревич

Автор слов: К.Кавалерян, И.Антонян

Исполнитель: Саша




Everybody tells me: No!

He’s too wild, so let him go.

He is dangerous,

Like a naked wire. Oh, yes!

But again I loose control,

Time begins to rock’n’roll,

And I’m getting high

Taken by, taken by


High voltage love – it comes and leaves no chance.

We fuse together in the dance, crazy dance.

High voltage love – will get us to the top,

So baby, don’t ever stop,

Please never-never stop


Mama says I should be smart,

Keep my head and play my part.

He is perilous,

Like a bolt of lightning. Oh yes!

Lock the door and kill the phone,

Fingers touch and bodies burn,

As we learn to fly,

Taken by, taken by


© Karen Kavaleryan, Irina Antonyan, 2003